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Restaurant, Takeaway and delivery available

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Takeaway/Delivery 5pm-9:30pm Mon-Sat

Welcometo our Italian Restaurant

Like the unique spice from which it is named at Zafferano 68 we offer a gourmet experience to our guests, based on quality and taste. Our qualified chefs from Italy treat each plate with extreme detail.
We have worked hard to create a fantastic all round experience that delivers on full bodied authentic Italian flavours while making no sacrifices on our great service and warming atmosphere.

People from all around the world really do love Italian food they love fresh, quality ingredients we use for our traditional dishes.
They also understand, perhaps more than ever before, that eating good food together is one of the greatest pleasures in life.
Buon Appetito


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Eat in restaurant is now open from 6pm Mon-Sat. Closed sundays.

High Street, Lane End, HP14 3JF

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